Introducing Whitney Tilson’s

Kase learning COURSEs

Rooted in sharing his 18 years of experience as a value investor and hedge fund manager, Whitney Tilson has created a new business, Kase Learning, and is launching three new course offerings.

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Videos from the previous information sessions are posted on our YouTube channel.


lessons from the trenches:

Value Investing, Entrepreneurship & Life

The Kase Learning Bootcamp is an intensive three-day, 36-hour program during which Whitney Tilson will share everything he’s learned over nearly two decades in the hedge fund business. In addition, students will have the chance to absorb wisdom from a handful of veteran investors invited as guest speakers to share their knowledge, experience and advice.

The Bootcamp will cover three general areas:

  • How to become a better investor
  • How to become a better businessperson and entrepreneur
  • The mental game & life lessons
2018 DATES
  • April 29 - May 1
    (The week before the Berkshire Hathaway annual meeting)
  • June 12 - 14
  • $5,000
  • The New York Athletic Club, New York City

how to
launch & build an

investment fund

During the seminar, Mr. Tilson and his colleague, Glenn Tongue, will share everything they’ve learned over the years about launching and building multiple hedge funds (and mutual funds), be available to answer all questions, and invite a few veteran investors as guest speakers to share their wisdom, so that participants can stand on their collective shoulders and achieve even greater success. It’s going to be equal doses of learning, self-improvement and fun!

The seminar is designed for two types of investors: a) those who are already running their own funds and would like grow them; and b) those who aspire to launch their own funds.

2018 DATES
  • May 2
  • June 15
  • $2,000
    $1,500 when combined with a bootcamp ($6,500 for the four-day program).
  • The New York Athletic Club, New York City

The Art, Pain
and Opportunity of

Short Selling

This long bull market has inflicted absolute carnage among short sellers, and even seasoned veterans are throwing in the towel. This capitulation, however, combined with the increasing level of overvaluation, complacency, hype and even fraud in our markets, spells opportunity for courageous investors, so there is no better time for a conference focused solely on short selling.

On Thursday, May 3, Whitney Tilson’s Kase Learning will host a full-day conference in NYC at which some of the world’s top short sellers will teach the hard lessons they’ve learned, reveal the questionable companies they’ve identified, and share their best, actionable short ideas.

Confirmed speakers include:

  • David Einhorn, Greenlight Capital
  • Anthony Bozza, Lakewood Capital
  • Carson Block, Muddy Waters Capital
  • Andrew Left, Citron Research
  • Sahm Adrangi, Kerrisdale Capital

...and more

2018 DATE
  • May 3
  • $3,000 until March 31
  • $4,000 thereafter
    Register for any bootcamp or seminar before March 31 and save $1,000 (use discount code: SCSAVE1000).

    The tuition is fully refundable until two weeks before the conference (4/19/18) and the registration is transferable at any time.
  • The New York Athletic Club, New York City

It was a wonderful, almost life-changing experience…it felt like an intensive infusion of wisdom and practical advice.”


What is taught in this seminar is pure gold. It’s not taught anywhere else and there aren’t that many people in the world who really understand what it takes to raise a billion-dollar fund.”


I’m lost in words while expressing my appreciation. It was the mother of all seminars. Really. It was invaluable: so many wise teachings, thoughts and reflections, and opportunities for personal growth.”


Videos from the previous information sessions are posted on our YouTube channel.